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Change in Practice, Learn in Management



Discovery and Testing of New Propositions

Transformative Operations


We are in a continuous journey pursuing excellence and profitability; some of us, even thinking on customer first, and transforming operations towards customer centricity and agility to respond market pulse.


Rib & Wit has contributed to several transformation programs in the Digital Economy space, specially adopting and defining Customer Experience Frameworks and activity leading to winning propositions and effective journeys, blending innovation and change. Cloud adoption and Big Data Analytics are already commoditized in our service portfolio.

Use Case Lifecycle realization


Our methods to discover Use Case and feasibility of new propositions are based on inquisitive sessions, challenging the status quo, and correcting distorted approached from big ICT vendors usually embarking clients in perfect storms, instead of guiding with on-hand compass.


Our consultants present action based programmatic roadmaps with diligence and proximity; bringing a friendly and inspiring methodology – i.e. high performing sports management – delivering co-creation, and empowering our clients to reach further in personal and professional goals.

Executive Programmes


Our Executive education programme brings the opportunity for established companies, senior executives, and new ventures in the digital space to acquire experience and know-how from reputed Change advisors. In partnership with Extensia LTD and UPTC.

Seminars and Workshops


We tailor workshops in key topics of the Technology adoption, innovation, cloud, Blockchain, and other areas where certain groups of the organization need to grasp quickly and intensively modernization of process areas and business transformation.

From Customer Experience to Innovation, our approach is based on Design Thinking methods and exposition of personal experiences and cases studies by reputed professors and consultants from Business Schools in Spain, Singapore, India, and China.

Digital Leadership Programme

Module 1

Business Transformation in Practice for Digital Leaders


Learn the principles and practices for leading the transformation of your organization into the digital world. Apply methods from theory to practice, with secured expertise and proven results. Learn Cloud adoption frameworks developed by top cloud companies. Co-participate in the definition of the Transformation roadmap fitting your business

Module 2

Intrapreneur Strategy Execution in a Digital World


Acquire a set of very practical tools to be used when facing the challenge of intrapreneurship. Reference readings, business cases, lectures, workshops and models. Content developed by professors as a fruit of their own research and analysis. Learn the experience of the professors (success and failures) in different ventures Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Module 3

Customer Experience Management for Service Providers


CEM Program and Go To Market with a customer centric mindset. Learn the best practices applicable to the Market landscape and how to implement your CEM framework from journey mapping to employee engagement, customer service, and supporting tools.

Module 4

Innovation Practices for Digital Businesses


Innovation presented as business enabler using a digital platform that thrives the organizations to make use of the community online – from employees to external guests – following a creative process where ideas are awarded and built to reality in accordance with business objectives and levels of disruption. Leading by the example using newest methodologies.

Module 5

Blockchain impact in Emerging Markets


Originated with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, blockchain meta-technology and business enablement is the revolution for the digital economy. Blockchain brings a totally new conception on doing business. From financial services to any transactional and economy based process, the introduction of this technology promises huge impact on the way we are doing things. By the enablement of distributed ledger acting as unique and secured digital stamps verified by multiple computing power and users, blockchain allows the removal of intermediaries and middle men during any process involving transactions, remittances,  digital signatures, e-commerce and many other platform – process based business models. Too exciting to be missed.

Blockchain Discovery


We conduct initial market research and organization understanding session before making feasibility sudy of Blockchain design principles applicable to your business.


This exercise presents a complementary awareness session for the leading executive team of the impact and revolutionary methods of criptoeconomics, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other initiatives in course around Blockchain technology.


We also present some studies from start-ups and latest applications (DAPPS) and Digital Contract examples for different industries.

Design Thinking Prototyping


Complementary to Blockchain, or applicable to Customer Experience Management, Digital Transformation, and Cloud Adoption, we accompany your innovation teams in practicing lates methodologies in Design Thinking and Prototyping; circular design, customer centricity, employee engagement, and customer centric recruiting processes.

We have partners in the area of Blockchain (Ethereum framework) for developing prototypes and practice examples and use cases.

Similarly, we work with leading software companies for Cloud implementations.

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